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Randi Rhodes is the #1 Progressive Talk host in the nation.

This Brooklyn native became a national talk radio hero to millions in 2004 when she left South Florida radio, where she had the #1 ranked talk show in her market, for national syndication.

Randi started her radio odyssey quite modestly by playing ‘classic country’ from a storefront studio in Seminole, TX. From there she went on to Alabama, Milwaukee, Dallas, NYC and Miami before settling in West Palm Beach, FL to raise her niece Jessica after losing her sister Ellen to breast cancer.

Before getting into radio, Randi was an aircraft mechanic in US Air Force where she was taught that ‘you are only as strong as the weakest among you’ – a very liberal tenet that still guides her to this day.

Randi is impeccably researched and infectiously funny; she pulls no punches and never fails to both enlighten and entertain. She starred in the HBO documentary Left of the Dial, was named Talkers Magazine’s 2007 Woman of the Year and is probably watching C-SPAN right now.


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